Music & Events Producer // The Yard

Programme Manager // RAW Labs, Bow Arts

Assistant Producer // Tempting Failure

Writing + Talks + Workshops:

Lecture: Building Radical Communities through Nightlife // Balance Club Culture Festival, 2021

Interview: Im Club zu Hause // Missy Magazine, 2021

YARDSHARE: Starting, Sustaining and Funding Your Own Club Night // The Yard, 2021

Raving to Resist: Community, Partying & Politics // Brainchild Festival, 2019

“Club Money Is Not A Fuckin Luxury” talk + workshop // Goldsmiths, University of London, 2019

The Body Utters Itself: Spoken Word, Agency & Identity // Sonic Gaze comissioned by Newham Word Festival, RAW Labs, 2019

LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS IN THE MORNING (Early Morning Crit) // The Socio-Parasitology Manifesto Exhibition, Bow Arts, 2019

Sonic Gaze Talk: Queering the Norm: Design, Fashion and Music // The UNFASHIONED Museum, ICA, 2018

Raving and Self-Care, Self Protection Manifesto // Social Creative Network, ICA, 2018

Technofeminism with Object Blue // Cuntemporary, 2018

Nightclubbing Into the Future // Cuntemporary, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Jojo Hynes // Bow Arts, 2018

Pay Up: Art is Labour // Gal-Dem, 2017

‘All I want for Christmas is Utopia’ Panel Grrrl Zine Feminist Christmas Fair // RAW Lab, 2017

Report: Modern Indonesian painters in revolution and nation building // Framer Framed, Amsterdam, 2017

Hallway Exhibition: Heritage // Framer Framed, Amsterdam, 2017

Producer // Livia Rita

Avantgarde (London Fashion Week) at The Yard, 2018

Art Fashion Show at VFD, 2018

Warehouse Takeover: Heart Tattoo at Ugly Duck, 2017

Arts Feminism Queer [CUNTemporary]

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